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To lead the automotive industry in transitioning towards a sustainable and eco-conscious future. Our commitment to developing cutting-edge electric and alternative fuel vehicles reflects our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting a cleaner planet.
Empowering Connected Experiences: In the era of smart mobility, we envision seamlessly connected vehicles that prioritize safety, enhance convenience, and redefine the driving experience. Through advanced technologies and robust connectivity solutions, we aim to empower our customers with intelligent and personalized transportation experiences. 
RBSeVA has been working for years. We have the goal to offer the best e-scooters to our customers. We have the most experienced engineers with years of experience in this field who help us make the best-designed e-bikes that offer a sleek look and the seamless functioning of our bikes.
When choosing our product, we assure you that you will love the way of our product work. When manufacturing our bikes, we do a comprehensive set of different tests to provide our customers with a complete and good-quality product for total customer satisfaction. Connect with us and let us take a step towards a greener world.

Our Mission

At RbsEva E- Mobility Pvt. Ltd, we strive to offer cutting-edge Vehicle that seamlessly combine Performance, Safety, and Environmental Responsibility in order to alter the future of transportation. Our goal is to establish a society in which Transportation is an exciting and sustainable activity rather than merely a need.

Our Vision

At RbsEva E – Mobility Private Limited Automobiles, we want to completely rethink Mobility in the twenty-first century and beyond. We want to pave the way for a day when Innovation, Sustainability, and unmatched Safety Power every travel. By providing Vehicle that are more than just means of transportation but also companions on life’s journey, we are dedicated to being the world’s leaders in Automotive excellence.
Innovation at its Foundation: Our cars will be at the forefront of Technological Development in the future world we imagine. To make sure that every Vehicle  we build is more intelligent, Eco-Friendly, and effective than anything else on the road, Future Drive is committed to inventing cutting-edge solutions in Automation, Connection, and Electrification.
As a Responsibility, Sustainability: We have an uncompromising dedication to the environment

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Our Team

jitendra kumar
Jitendra Kumar

Managing Director

Virendra Singh
Virendra Singh


Krishna Pandey

Business Partner

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Associate Partner

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Rajesh Chauhan

Business Partner

Lalit Sinha

Associate Partner

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