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Welcome to RBSEVA

—-Established in the year 2014,

To lead the automotive industry in transitioning towards a sustainable and eco-conscious future. Our commitment to developing cutting-edge electric and alternative fuel vehicles reflects our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting a cleaner planet.

RBSeVA has been working for years. We have the goal to offer the best e-scooters to our customers. We have the most experienced engineers with years of experience in this field who help us make the best-designed e-bikes that offer a sleek look and the seamless functioning of our bikes.

welcome Rbseva
Our Key Features

We Provide Best Electric Scooter

Fully Digital Dashboard with Speed Meter, Battery Level Indicator. 


Powerful Shock Absorbers
for smooth & Easy Ride

Switch that cut of the
Supply Of Electricity

easy shift

Easily Drift between Indicators, Dipper, and Horn on a single Click

Trunk under seat, front storage, hook provides enough space for the go.

High Luminosity with  Smoke finish head light, stylish front side Indicators.

What is Our Unique Selling Price ?

Personalized Service – Expert Assistance for Electric Vehicles :
Emphasize that clients will receive specialized care because the roadside assistance team is made up of technicians who have been trained precisely to address issues with electric vehicles.
24/7 Availability:
Emphasize that the roadside assistance service is available around the clock, providing peace of mind to customers regardless of the time or location of a breakdown
Make sure a large geographic area is covered by the roadside assistance service so that clients can feel confident that they will be able to get help no Matter where they are. Implement a user-friendly app that integrates with the roadside assistance service, allowing customers to request help easily and receive real-time updates on the assistance process.
Provide educational materials or guides on electric vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting to empower customers and potentially reduce the frequency of roadside assistance calls.
Highlight that the roadside assistance team consists of technicians trained specifically to handle electric vehicle issues, ensuring that customers receive specialized support. Offer towing services tailored for electric vehicles, including flatbed towing to prevent any potential damage to the electric drivetrain. Implement technology that allows for remote diagnostics to identify issues before the roadside assistance team arrives, potentially expediting the resolution process.

Road Side Assistance

road side assistance  

road side assistance

Our Products

First-class Professionals


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We Provide India's Best Electric Vehicle

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